Through out this month, I've learned different poem techniques, some just by reading other famous poets poems. For example the first poem I wrote for the poetry unit was about thinking about something that happened to you or something that you remember form your child hood, 12 and younger, and write about the experience. I wrote about when I used to Dragon boat and how the you felt the water splashing on your face and back and the breeze smacking your face when the boat it moving fast. I never really thought about that technigue, about thinking about your past that you remember and just describing it. What really helped me throughout writing these poems were the poets. For example when writing an Ode, I had no idea what an Ode was at first. But when reading other poets Odes, it made it a lot easy to write the Ode.The best technique that we used this unit was the the technique to start off your poem with another poets line of there poem. I picked the line"I see my beauty in you, I'm a mirror that can't close it's eyes" from there, writing the poem was a breeze, and heart felt. It was such a great line. At the same time I put thought in to the poem, because I wanted to repeat the beggining.I never really thought about when writing a poem, until now. When repeating lines in the poem, it gives more spice to it. All the techniques that I've leanred have been really helpful throughout writing poems, which shows through out the poems I've wrote.Using figurative language was also a great when writing poems, it makes the poem, become deeper, and it makes you think more when using the figurative language.


1) "Poetry is the doorway to the soul"



Feeling the water splash you.

Felling the breeze smack you in the face.
You're on a boat with 19 other people.
2, 1 power...
We're in a race.
The butterflies in your stomach, the


Ode to Teachers

Theirs the good
And theirs the bad
Teachers can pull you up
teachers can pull you down

I like teachers who
See you for who your are.
Teachers who find out what makes you tick
But I absolutely dislike the teachers that just...
tick you off
For the hell of it.

I'm tipping my hat for the ones who are the best
The ones that accept you for who you are
And don't try to change you
The ones that are patient with you
The teachers you look up to…

They encourage you to do your best
They make you think outside of the box
And don't expect you to do less.

Those are the ones who taught me to never stop learning
To the ones who couldn't teach
I still learn from you...
how not to be close minded.


Crispy Chicken, Fresh lettuce, Three Cheeses, Ranch Dressin', wrapped up in aaa, Tasty, Flour, Tortilla.(Found Poem)


What's in the chicken Wrap?!
Ou, is that a pear? Can I have a piece?
Are you going to eat?
Let me have some, since I'm not going to eat tonight.
Yes, you're right he's a creeper!
Mama Se Te Yaa
Shut up.
Do you have anymore gum left?
What's in the chicken wrap?
What's in the chicken wrap...?


I was raised by
A loving family
Women, who told me right from wrong
Supportive people
Holesome cooking

I was raised by
thicke women
Women who smacked on chicken and collard greens
Woman who told me to eat "more so I can get thicke"

That's so Raeven and The Proud family
"This girl, does'nt have Hook's butt"
A family that has high expectation for me
"If you believe in yourself, you can get what you want"

Some coffee sipping
Laughing so hard until we cry
Making the best out of anything
Kind of Women!


I see my beauty in you, I've become a mirror that can't close it's eyes
Mirror,Mirror on your wall
I see your beauty
I see your pain
I can see your faults

I see my beauty in you, I've become a mirror that can't close it's eyes

I see your tears trickling down your cheek
On to your lip
And landing on to your pants

I see my beauty in you
I see my pain in yo vou
I see my built up anger in you
I see my beauty in you

+ Really nice use of repition
+ Good descriptions
? Can you add more fresh, surprising imagery?
? Can you find new, creative ways to describe some typical things (mirror, mirror on the wall...anger... pain....)

7)Imagist Poem
What makes you tired
what covers up the pathways and roads
what keeps you from not going to school
The joy of snow
The neat snow on top of the roofs

The Poet that I focused on was Sonia Sanchez. I found 5 poems form her; some were haiku, even though her haiku were three lines long. The poems still made you wonder and think about what the poem meant. Most of her poems made me think, about the meaning were. For example one of her haiku are" My feet/are crying/blues". That Haiku made me think, is her feet banging on the floor? Making the same beat as the song? Another Haiku, that made me think about the interpretation was "My thighs/sing the flesh/off of guitar" I was thinking that, she was probably dancing, because your thighs shake when your dancing, and she said "sing my flesh" which means she's probably moving to the beat of the guitar. In another one of her Haiku it said "I pick/up your breath and/remember you", this Haiku was saying so much, even though it was three short lines. I was thinking that the person’s breath she smelled, that instantly she knew that was guy for her. Or maybe she had past history with the person from years ago and when she smelled the breath of the person, she smelled her, maybe because they were so close, and have been searching for that person she lost years ago. In one of her poems that weren’t a Haiku, talked about the "Move Bombing in Philadelphia" The Move was a radical cult group that preached revolution, advocating a return to nature and society without government, police or technology. The group hoarded weapons, built giant wooden bunker on the roof and used a bullhorn to scream obscenities all hours of the night. Obscenities is another word to day that they screamed bad words and offensive words, which offended and frustrated the neighbors and turned to officials for help. On May 13-1985 5:30 pm a Philadelphia helicopter dropped a bomb onto the roof of the house and killed 11 people. In the poem Sonia Sanchez wrote one of the lines said" C'mon girl hurry on down to the Osage sty. They’re roasting in the fire” what I think that means is that, probably the relatives of the people who was apart of the Move, that’s what hey probably said after hearing about it. Another quote is "The police come like twin seasons of drought and flood. /they're combing the city for lifeliberty/amd the pursuit of happiness" what I think about this quote, is that she's saying that the police did this for their happiness, for their good. Another quote from this poem is "for honor and peace. One day. And the blood is not yet dry"