I never thought I could write poems before. I didn't think I was a poetic person. I though the people that wrote poems were born to be poets, they just had that natural rhythm. After going over in class the definition of poems, I tried my best to write my first poem. I found out that poetry was an art form and whatever I write it is art. My writing is poetry. Also, I found out the basic elements of poetry. In my memory poem that were the first things I wanted to use, figurative language. I tried to use similes, metaphors, imagery, and personification. For example, I stated "Every breath ran out of my body at once / Like a rock being dropped on my chest and every rib breaking steadily." In those two sentences, I used personification and a simile.

As I started to get the hang of things, I wanted to try harder techniques. In my found poem, I tried to use sentences that wouldn't ever go with each other. Really random sentences. I didn't want to really tell a story, I just wanted to use sentences that were random and go unnoticed. I thought that sounds would go with that because people make noises when they are happy, frustrated, or confused. Those noises usually just go unnoticed too. I said "And that's all I am saying / whack! / I am too old for this."

In my riff poem, I used one of the lines from the video watched in class. The line was ''Some say don't count. We do. We always do.'' I took that line and repeated it ever other line. In between, I put in my own line that I thought related to the line. I said this "Kids shouldn't be in adult conversations. There opinions don't count / Some say we don't count. We do. We always do." I wanted the poem to be serious and for kids to be able to relate to it. I thought hard about my lines that I put in because I wanted them to be great.

Well, I hope you that you enjoy my poems! Thanks for reading them!

- Dakota Foster

"Poetry is like making a joke. If you get one word wrong at the end of a joke, you've lost the whole thing" - William Stanley Mervin.

Memory Poem -

cold day in the winter.
Early in the morning
still dark outside.
the cold floor, chills went ran through my body.
There was no breakfast to be eaten.
My mom's eyes were red.
My dad's eyes were red.
Every breath ran out of my body at once.
Like a rock being dropped on my chest and every rib breaking steadily.
I was crying so hard that I started to wheeze.
I was still so young, I didn't really understand
I ran after him. I didn't want to let go.
I was forced to let go.

Ode to My Cat
You came into my life,
5 years old.
Runt, smaller than my foot
The color of your eye was the sun shinning.
It wasn't that you were the runt that I loved you.
You were a ball of energetic intensity.
Meows creep through the car
louder and louder and louder
out the box
The carriage's sent stayed on your for days to come.

Days later,
you are adjusting.
Tumbling around, break things in weird places.
Crying for attention.
Your fur was left all over the house.
The course but soft but smooth hair as you gotten older.
Time passes, you are bigger than I remembered
Everday is a different memory
a bigger adventure
a better life.

Catching flies
Other cats.
The outside scent never went away.
You never stopped getting into things.
Putting your little paws in paint,
tracking all over the house.
Strong, harsh scent of paint all over the house.

You never disappointed.
Everyday was better than the last.
Still pumping with excitement to this day.

And That's All.
I can't even read my own handwriting.
black like me..
And that's all I am saying.
I am too old for this.
I am too muscular for a dress!
It's too the fourth degree.
I've never seen something more ridicously amazing.
waka waka!
And that is all.

I Was Raised By...Poem
I was raised by soul food.
Cornbread making
Putting your foot in it.
Food where the smell ran all the way to the front food.
"Take as much as you like, nothing ever runs out."

I was raised by
"Eat until your stomach is bigger than your body."
Mouth savoring,
Tongue tingling,
Senses dancing,
Kind of Soul Food.

I was raised by
Taste Buds dancing,
Stomach singing,
Body raving,
Type of Soul Food.

I was raised by...
Grateful to be alive,
I am happy to die,
"I am too full to move."
Real Soul Food.

We always do.

Kids shouldn't be in adults conversation. There opinions don't count.
Some say we don't count. We do. We always do.
Kids shouldn't be allowed to vote, they don't know anything about politics.
Some say we don't count. We do. We always do.
Don't ask a kid for their opinion. They never know what they want.
Some say we don't count. We do. We always do.
Kids have no idea how hard life is. They are just selfish kids that have no idea what is going on.
Some say we don't count. We do. We always do.


the shine was blinding, but it was perfect
the sand was unbearably heated.
every step burned the skin off my feet.

the laughs of others ran in and around my head.
the water bounced back and forth off the shore.
different rocks appearing like shiny new coins.

Detailed Study - Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath's poems reflect a very stressful and hard life. The struggling that she goes through just to leave for another day is very clear in everyone of her poems. While, I was reading her poems I thought that she could have suffered from depression. I thought that she was troubled in her head and it hurt for her to live.
While reading her poems, I noticed that they are more understandable if they are read out loud. I was reading The Companionable Ills, I didn't understand what was going on or how these sentences told any kind of story