"Poetry is a universal language..." - William Hazlitt


I never thought I could write poetry before. I would just enjoy reading it but never capable of writing it. This assignment made me push beyond anything I thought I wasn’t capable of doing. As I began to write about memories, past and new memories, etc… Poetry came spilling out of me like a river never stopping and ending

My first poem was the Memory poem. I write about my parents divorce because that is a memory that is as clear as day to me. I won’t forget it and that’s a memory I will have with me forever. I didn’t think I could write about since it a memory I rather not have. But I’m glad I did because I am saying what I had felt over the years

My other poem I was raised by is probably my best one yet. It says everything I ever wanted to tell my dad but never been able to. The harshness in his words and how it affected me shows in the poems and how I responded to him in a way I would of never been able to.

Writing these poems made me come out my shell and helped me discover a whole new side of myself and l learned I am capable of writing poetry and I shouldn’t be afraid of expressing myself through writing.

Memory Poem When Life Did A 180


That all I remember that day

Where my childhood did a 180

My parents got divorced








and more tears...

All went away in an instant

Nothing mattered anymore

A new life was waiting

Waiting for two people to stop trying

And have a new beginning

Ode To Clocks

A clock

it ticks and tocks

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

But do you listen to it closely?

It's telling you to go

Go live life

Go have fun

Because time isn't stopping for you

Time will never stop for you

You have so long to live

And you never know when your going to leave


So live everyday as if its was your last

The Clock

Goes tick tock

tick tock

It screams TICK TOCK

But listen closely..


thats what its screamng

Your running out of time



Do it now because your running out of time

You will never know when the clock will run out of time

A Found poem

Rambles In Life

What if you saw a fire truck on fire?

Its not suppose to work like that?

For beautiful eyes look for the good in others

Beauty is of the essence

Don't fight the forces use them

That means

succeeded if you said ok

Collecting quotes

You have a poem

I Was Raised By ...

I was raised by a father who tells me to act more like a woman…

A man who tells me to act more like a woman

Father is what I call him

Tells me how I should act, What I should do

All I hear is him criticizing me

To be more like a woman

Stop walking like a man

Learn to cook, that’s what women do

Learn to sew, that’s what women do

Clean the house, that’s what women do

Do this Do that

Why dad why?

Because that what women do

I will never be good enough

I will never be smart enough

I will never be what you want me to be

But dad I am not a women

I am your daughter

I am myself and I don’t want to be a everyday women

I want to be myself

And stay true to myself

I will never be the typical woman

I am just I

I hope you see one day

That being a typical woman is not me

That I am your daughter

One day you will accept me for that

A Rift Poem

We have fallen into a place where everything is music
The sound of a bell
The whistling of a bell
The sound of trees rustling
Where every little sound is a harmony waiting to happen

Music is in everyone lives
Music is there through up and downs
Music is always there
It I the enter of everything

Without music would we be able to live?
Are we able to breath?
Are we able to speak?
Would the creative juices stop spilling out our mind?

The universe would break apart without music there
Nurturing the mind and our souls
Comforting and numbing the souls who need it
To me without music…
I couldn’t live to see tomorrow

An Imagist Poem

Rain is just wet little drops

Just to wash away things or bring new life

Not really there fo anything good

brings down people moods

An Examination Of...

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson the name you hear everywhere. For the beautiful poems she had written such as you love me, you are sure, Heart! We will forget him! , I’m Nobody! Who are you? Etc… But behind her poet as everyone known her as, does anyone know her story? Know why she wrote them or the meaning behind the poems. Her collections of poems all have a meaning behind it. All of the poems she wrote had written as her expressing a feeling she had a moment in her life she felt like she needed to express. The emotional rollercoaster’s she was on in her life toke a toll on her and the only way she could release it was through her writing. She was a hermit never going anywhere or acting as a role in society.

One of her poems was “Because I could not stop for Death” was probably written in one of the highest points in her life. She was going into the depth of two people fall in love and he pulled her out of the darkness she was in and they planned their life out and got married and revisiting the old memories together. In this quote from her poem “Because he could not stop Death, he kindly stopped it for me”. That person had a huge importance in hr life and they planned to spend eternity together. Emily went into a depth were when people fall in love they got into this universe of believing they will be together forever and flipped their lives upside down for the better. She reached an emotional sense that no one ever got to and expressed a raw emotion of how two lovers felt. She hit a point no one dared to approach in her time.

Her other poem “ I’m Nobody! Who are you?” was probably written in the lowest points in her life. She probably felt like she was a nobody since she didn’t interact with the society outside her house so sad thoughts enter her mind often. This poem represented the raw emotion of loneliness so deep that someone had to think they were nothing in society. A poet going into that deep of an emotion was probably a raw emotion she showed in her writing. Her poems were written for her to reflect every feeling she felt in any moment of her life. It was sad that she felt lonely probably until she died. But her seclusion from society helped write one the most beautiful poems this world has come to know. Its sad that she had to die were no one knew about her work until she passed away.

Maybe if she knew that she would get recognized for her work later on in life she would of passed away happier. Maybe she wouldn’t of felt so alone? Or thinking she was anybody? All these questions run through my mind and others to of what could have happened if she knew how appreciative people are of her work. But all I know is that she will go down as one of the best poets who has ever lived