Enjoy my Wiki:

In my poems, I focussed a lot on repetition. I really wanted to say things over and over again in my poems to clearly make my point. In my memory poem you will see that I chose to write it in a little girls perspective. I didn't use many large words that would take it out of this perspective. In addition, my ode poem really concentrated on something that I used everyday. I really described what the erasers look like, feel like, and what they really do in this poem. In other poems, such as my found poem, there was no real purposeful flow to it. It was meant to describe the things I hear on a daily basis. My riff poem is my favorite. It really gave me a chance to express how i really feel about my future and the constant worries I have. In that poem, I showed what I wouldn't do. And finally, my imagist poem not only expresses what families lives are like, but it takes the reader back to this amazing time. It shows that people hope for in a family bond and what they hope for in life. I used a lot of emotion in my poems. This helps people truly relate to what I'm writing. Some of my pieces relate to me and the way I feel bout things and others semi-relate to me. However, I feel like all my work multiple people can relate to in some way. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my wiki.

1. Quote about poetry:

" Poetry is emotion put into measure. The emotion must come by nature, but the measure can be acquired by art." - Thomas Hardy

2. Memory poem


with uncertainty
i went into my Dad & Mom's room
"Daddy wake up; you promised"
He takes my brother and i outside
i look around for mine
training wheels
a little pink basket.
"someone stole it"
He says to me,
"I did it, i got you a new one"
bike was
What was gone
training wheels
i cannot ride without them
hours and hours of falling down
then riding straight
, i learned how to fully ride my bike
the surprise to me is that I had that much fun with my dad
Surprise was knowing that
i can keep this memory
in my heart

3. Ode


Making it seem like nothing was ever there
The words thought
Words unspoken
Actions not done
Mistakes within everything

Tops of pencils
the rubber pink ones
some hard and erase part of the page
some soft gliding smoothly
Or Big erasers for big mistakes
fitting into your hand
different shapes and styles
The delete button on your computer

Erase the past
Erase what you felt
Erase what you wanted to do
Erase the mistake you made
Ode to Erasing.

4. Found Poem:

"The words that are in my life"

You have to write a found poem by tonight
How are we supposed to do that
Im more tired than usual
You have so many things to choose from
You have to have a chorus that will explode
You can take these bullets
You don't even know, Superluv
They tricked me
I love you
That was in freshman year it didn't count
Confess already, GURLLLLLL
I have to write a found poem
You just lost accept it.

5.I was raised by:

"Independent Women"

I was raised by
Know how to cook
make food so good
makes your mouth water
Sort of women

Make sure you take care
of yourself
Nice kind of women

Work for what you want
never lazy
sometimes crazy women.

Talk when your spoken to
"Say yes ma'am no ma'am"
type of women

Never depend on others
Put a little mad money away
kind of women
I was raised by independent women.

6. Riff poem With Audio

Quote by : Lucille Clifton

"Dont slow down"

Oh pray that what I want
is worth this running.
Worth this race;
race forward
to the top
to your goal
to know that your Number 1
your secure

Is that the kind of security you want
just maybe
dont want that prize
the prize behind that ribbon

Now, All this thinking made you tired
Slowing down,
you hit an obstacle
you didn't dodge it
you didn't move it
you went straight at it,
and thats not what you wanted.

Now everyone
is infront of you
coming out on top
what are you going to do now?
Just pray that that prize
is really what you didn't want.

7. Imagist poem

"The Rides"
front right
front left
behind me
behind him
standing tall strong
put on the smile
after someone captures it
our faces calm down.
more excited about the ride that lies ahead.
worried about what the rides will bring.

8. Poet- Pablo Neruda Detailed Study

I chose a poet who writes all of his poems in spanish because that is the language that he is naturally fluent in. His name is Pablo Neruda. However, all of his poems have been translated to english. This aspect already makes him an interesting poet because he chose to have the translated alter the meaning from the direct translation that you would get if you types it into a translator. He writes from his heart and what he feels at the time. Most of his work is about love and has a hint of nature intwined with it. He likes to write from memory and what his emotions are telling him. The first poem that I read by him. I saw a event. The poem was called "In my Sky at twilight". It starts off discussing what the scenery is at twilight. This really gives you a mental image about what is going on in his surrounding and what he might be trying to relate something to. The next few lines talk about the woman that he is in love with. He says that he basically dreams of being with her the rest of his life. I related this to twilight because during that time of day, people are normally dreaming. Also, within those dreams, it can be your fantasy and anything you want. This brings me to my next point. In this poem, he says mine a lot. It is almost as if he is clamming her in his dreams within this time of day. Later in the poem he goes more in-depth about her and why he loves her. Then, at the end of the poem. he says that she was taken by the sky. I interpreted that as she had left him before and now all he has is the memories of her. Once he goes to sleep he can relive those memories, but once the morning rises, the sun comes up, and he wakes up, he has to let go of those memories and live. This also relates to all of his other poems. He has a steady theme of loss and wanted what is his back. However, everything he wants back is this one woman that broke his heart. In his poem "If you forget me", it shows what he really wants to tell her but couldn't build up enough courage to. He says that she will stop loving him and that he knows that. He has stopped loving her . However, he reminds her of the things they shared. His nature metaphors shows up again. He gives her memories of key events in their lives. I have also noticed that in his poems, he uses nature to sound nicer when he needs to have a harsh tone. It gives the reader a romance aspect and then the seriousness he uses within his words. Pablo Neruda is an amazing poet from the way that he writes his poems in spanish and translates them the proper way to the meanings within his poems and the literary devices he uses. He truly is a great poet.