Copper Poetry Portfolio

- Intro
After reviewing my poetry I notice that each poems title is simple. This shows that I don’t put as much thought into the titles of the poem as I do the poem itself. I think my poems express my articulacy throughout all of them. I try to make the poems have some sort of rhyming scheme throughout them but for certain topics it was hard to do. My poems tend to have a lot of imagery because I am a very imaginative person and I think that painting a picture through a poem makes it a great read. My poetry is wonderfully described by the quote I picked at the beginning of the project. A poet himself W.H Auden once said, "A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.” I myself am definitely in love with language.

I guess you could say I think about the ocean often. I reference the ocean in my riff poem and my imagist poem. In the beginning I wrote my poems in a paragraph like form. Towards the end I started to write stanzas like “The Lighthouse” and “Kingdom By The Sea”. Most of these poems don’t rhyme and that is unfortunate because I tried to make most of them rhyme but it was hard to find a good inspiration for these poems. My riff poem had a good flow to it because I had an inspirational line to use. I was never a big poetry writer though so I guess this project was a good feel for it.

- Quote
"A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language." - W.H Auden

- Memory Poem

Most things don't leave a mark,
those are the things easily forgotten
But scars, scars with permanence
those will forever be remembered
without memorabilia,
you have nothing to remind you
but who needs a picture of a memory
even though they tell a thousand words
when everyday you feel this scar
which makes you feel,
that unforgettable pain

- Ode

A simple broomstick
but sometimes much more
transportation for a wicked witch
a tool to sweep you of your feet
found in everyones home
to get rid of all the bad
to make room for the good
made from simple bristles
all working together
a tool that everyone uses sometime

- Found Poem
Where Oh Where?

Write a poem with ten lines
where can we get these lines?
Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere
well, I need some inspiration now
where can I get that?
Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere
should it rhyme?
Maybe, maybe not
so I ask again
where can we get these lines?
Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere
only ten though
so I cant just get them from
anywhere, anywhere, anywhere
so the question is
where oh where?

- I Was Raised By Poem

I was raised by
An upside down cake baking grandmother
Glazed with lemon, topped with pineapples
I was raised by
A spades playing Uncle
Always the first to notice a re-nigg
I was raised by
A military family
Navy on one side army on the other
I was raised by
Loving aunts
That always looked out for their nephews
I was raised by
A church going family
Who attended church every Sunday
I was raised by
A loving mother
Who let me live my life the way I wanted
And I thank them for raising me
The way they raised me .

- Riff Poem
Kingdom By The Sea

Line - "In a kingdom by the sea"
from Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

In a kingdom by the sea
that is where I want to be

Seeing a never ending ocean
flowing endlessly
gives me a feeling
of endless possibility

In a kingdom by the sea
That is where I want to be

Storms, come through strong
here and there
but it is a wonderful view
when the sky is clear

In a kingdom by the sea
that is where I want to be

- Imagist poem
The Lighthouse

18th century stone bricks
Moss covered and eroded
Bout five stories high
Overseeing the serene ocean
Waiting for the sign of a boat

Deep blue sky
Full of clouds
Crows flying
In search of prey

High tide
On the distant islands
Lush green filling the landscape

- Detailed Study of Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg’s early life was disturbing at points and I think this was the major influence in all of his poems. His greatest poem “Howl” referenced “angel-headed hipsters which to me is talking about drug abusers. Also he writes lines later “high sat up smoking in the supernatural darkness” which is another reference to drugs. He was a spiritual man though, studying under gurus and Zen masters during the 1960’s and 70’s. This would be another inspiration for his poetry. “Howl” had many references to drugs and sexual activities, which caused it to be banned. He writes a lot about topics that were not always accepted by everyone and this caused him to have to defend his style of writing. I would have been one of those people who promoted his style of writing. He said, “Poetry is the one place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is known in private.” And I agree with that.

In a haiku that he never published it seems as though he just wrote down his thoughts throughout the day. This I think is a great way of expression through a poem. It doesn’t have a rhyming scheme but it has the format of a haiku. Each thought is short but gets across a point. I don’t believe he can be categorized along with any other poets. He was a risk taker according to the things he wrote about and the lifestyle he lived. That carried into his poems influencing him to write about whatever he wanted regardless of the feedback he got from some of his poetry. One poem he wrote titled “Homework” was very unusual. He talks about cleansing the Earth but in his own unique way saying “put the planet in the drier & let it sit 20 minutes or aneon till it came out clean”. This poem let me know that he cares about the Earth by pointing out places that have been through a lot and wishing them to be a better place.

Overall I think he is a very unique poet. Before this project I didn’t know much about him but after reading through some of his poems I think his poetry is inspiring. He once said, “I want people to bow as they see me and say he is gifted with poetry, he has seen the presence of the creator.” This is a little over the top at first which shows him taking another risk, but then he ends talking about being in the presence of the creator who I would assume is God. This is inspirational because he studied with Zen masters to get closer to god and he is saying that being closer to God has made him a better poet. I think anyone really into poetry should read his poems because it would definitely give them the inspiration to use their own technique as he did.