1-"Poetry is they doorway to the soul" Floria

I am not a poet,nor am I a person who was and still is brought up in the art of the langues of the soul.I am franklin, a loud and out there kid but at the same time I have a side that most people do not get to see because of my ways.In this side is where all of the poems,love stories ,and novels live.When I composed Ode to the broken hearts I was in this mind state. I went back to my old muse (witch is an old person who I hold very close to my heart).But, in the person I am is not and will not be the same person I was 2 days or 2years ago.The story is about a guy (who is not named) and his love life. It portrays the way he maneuvers through women as a fish would in water and make them fall for him and them he leave them In the dust with no remorse as he swims away to the next girl.

Memory poem

The name of the store was Maritza Grocery
I "worked" their most of my early life
happiness was a thing of amazement.
Because of my height I didn't have much say
I was looked down upon by the elder
as if I was a thing an object of amusement
as if I a ball of yarn to a cat
or a bone to a dog that has had a meal to last him the whole winter
but I was uplifted by my peers
Uplifted by the fact that one day I would to grow and a say
A say as to what I could do and chose not to
A say that even if it was not the loudest it would count
Somebody would hee it and take it into consideration and would not
and will not be silcened
that gave me strength
and that made me feel

+the Caps worked
+ and the slang showed expression
+the ending was good
? you should spell height right!
?extent the poem to make your point.
? most cap spots!

Ode to the broken hearts

I love you
you are so amazing.
just because to people love each other it dosent mean
we have to be together.
im sorry I cant do this any more
hey key-key welcome to the pet shop
i have a pet here you can adopt
he comes with a leash,food
and a cup of coffe with me
what would you like sir
two small coffee's
1 cream and 2 sugar
thank you
hey this was fun
we should do this again sometime
hey i really like you
i think your so amazing
your like a flower in spring at its
highest point
i love you
but ...Ummm this isn't...
isn't going to work out
im sorry...........
Hey mama
how you doing??
thats cool why are you here all alone
well you can hang with us if you'd like.
Great ill swig by at eight
Months pass
feelings burst
heads clash and
feelings are hurt
but instead of going after he moved on.....
and she still waits around for him to return
We often look over what we should always be looking at.........

+I like the idea that you pick
+i like that you used the .... a lot i think it help see how you should read it
+i liked the way you wrote BROKEN HEARTS
?what is the pet shop part there for
?this seems out of order
?i dont know if you part with the coffee shop is a date or what. try to make that clear

Found poem
1-Are you still collecting?
2-Even better write what she said?
3-After the storm has passed the sun still comes around to shine
4-The darker the sky is the more they shine
5-Don't hurt my heart anymore?-
6-I don't have 9 lives like a cat-
7-I have no bad intenions-
8-Im not a toy of your pleasure-
9-Don't treat me like a lost child with no direction-
10-I'll stay with you even if its not allowed

Don't treat me like a lost child with no direction
I have no bad intenions
Don't hurt my heart anymore?
I don't have 9 lives like a cat
Im not a toy of your pleasure
Are you still collecting?

"I Was Raised by..."
I was raised by
the POP
the BANG
that runs threw my blood
that runs threw the streets as
cars do when its time to go
it taught me to
have a nice intro
to any situation
and then let it all out at the drop
give it you all
"dale dale"
you can do it
less go papa you can do it.

MY Poet is LIL B the BA$ED GOD


"I see beauty in you"
I see it when you open you eyes
I see it when you cry
I see it when you wail
I see it when you dry
I see it when you run
i dont see it when you try to hide it with that fake facade of make up
thats you i always want you to be my little honey-bun
because i see beauty in you.