My Poetry wiki has different poems that shows a different side of my writing. One poem in particular is "Love Poem" I have never written a poem based on the connection of two lovers in a more physical way too me this is helping me write poems on other things that are more happier and not so sad. Another thing is I play with a lot of sound tools in these poems. In my poem Ode to music it especially show it when I say " They consider a compliment/ But Incompetent/ To realize/ Originality is/ Self confidence." I am proud on how I have grown in this unit as a writer, and I will continue to do this to help me with my writing for the future.

1. Poetry is the doorway to the soul- Floria

2. Memory Poem
So it was time to go on the tripI had everything packed the day beforeI woke up at 4 I started getting readysinging in the shower lLotioning my bodySitting there for about 10 mins thinking about all the fun I was going to have for the next 3 days.I got dressedI had on my orange polo shirtWhite shortsmy orange sandals…my feet was and nails was done in the france maniI was looking niceI woke my mommy up to tell her it was timeDeep down inside she was dreading this moment of seeing me go across the country into another country and not seeing me for three daysmy mom says " are you sure you want to go we can turn around right now"I told her that I was fine and that everything is going to be fine

Ode to music
Swag Swag Swag Swag
This beat causes
Teens cheeks to do splits
As the beat beats in their
having their necks bob to the ridiculous
they consider a compliment
But Incompetent
To realize
Originality is
Self confidence
Is a blessin but a sin
It can save lives or kill em
But lately
Seems to suffocate Kids imagination
Forcing them to live a reality
That’s not worth living
Setting kids up for failure
Teaching them to TRAP their dreams
With some weed
Why dream if you won’t be able to reach them
Just get high with em
How music went from meaning
To meaning less
How artist use to preach about their freedom
Now artist talks about their whips and chains
Making us a slave to the ignorance
I guess we have freedom
Cause we free and dumb
A beat that causes
Teens cheeks to do splits
having their necks bob to the ridiculous
They Consider Music

Morgan Taylor Feedback:

+I love the points that you made
+The structure is very interesting, I love it
+I like how you used issues from today and related them to the past
+I like how you repeated the first stanza as your last stanza.
? I have no questions or comments. GREAT JOB!

4. Off Topic
Dark like me
Black Like me
Come on Imani
You out of all people are out of ideas
You're scaring me
Come on Imani
Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken- winged bird that cannot fly
I like that one too
There's times where I want to rob you for your pulse
Because it's the only thing that keeps you alive
And I need that to be my job
Stop it
Your one of them girls who say I love you and don't know what say of lips it's coming from
One stop quoting poets
2 what in the world does that have to do with what she is going through
Your scaring me
No it's not that it's the fact she been influenced by that knuckle head cousin of her's
You have to accept the fact you're a dog
You have no soul
How can you accept something that is not true
You can't

5. I was Raised By Poem

I was raised by a strong black women
Who told me
"Never bite metal"
"Your tongue is a weapon And when used correctly It then becomes lethal"
This strong women
Embedded in my head
"Think before you speak then speaks the thoughts that you think"
And when spoken
Project your voice
Make it so your words are magnetic
and People brains are the Magnet

I was raised by a women of Intelligence
Who made it her mission
To make sure her
Children wasn't another street statistic
"God do not make life to waste it"
And she want me
Wasted off of education
Taking shots
Of Science
Tripping over english
Having a mean math hangover
She wants me dizzy over books
And not dizzy over boys
This intelligent women
"Mama ain't raising no fools"

I was raised by a respectful women
When one day I discovered music videos
And on cue
My hips began to mimic what they say
I began to pop lock and Drop it

She popped and locked my hips back in place
Told me thats no way
A really lady Sway
Say these words back to me
"I'm a women not a whore"
I'm a women not a whore
"Now act like one"

I was Raised by a queen
That I hope to one day become
Until then I'm a princess
Learning the ways
to become a strong black intelligent respectful women

I was Raised by
My Mother


6. Love PoemLine I took from Sinnea Douglass Some day's I'm Selfish- We write us the perfect love poem at 3 am
CanWe write us the perfect love poem at 3 amCan We make this a physical love poemYou knowWhereYou began to kiss melike it's the last time our lips will meetLets Bite each other like lionsAnd swap our saliva like savagesLet our tongues make love in our mouthWhile you make love to meSign your signature in meAnd I'll carve mine on your backTreat me like your lunchAnd have me sandwiched in between you and the MattressAnd the floortablecountercouchwallProve me wrong when I tell you I can't singAs you intertwine in between my thighsBeating a melody in meCausing a chorus of harmonies to flow outTo have me hit high notesI thought I could never hit beforeBoy you got me on thatDo Re Mi do me all nightType of flowThis love connection we have in the dark is a blessingBut the love we make in the dark is a sinWell I like writing the devil scriptures with our skin

7. Imagist Poem

I never met something quiet like yourself
You make people forget about that worries and sorrows
But you
You tend to cause them
Like a magician
You make people believe
The unbelievable
Have them fly
And Soaring through the sky
You make people imagination disappear
You come in all shape sizes and colors
Its ironic
How something that is made so natural
Can Naturally cause someone to lose their mind
To think
We Need