James Prell

1."Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you - like music to the musician or Marxism to the Communist - or else it is nothing" - F.Scott Fitzgerald

2.Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag
Like two waring nations
screaming for blood
a class divided.

Girls and boys,
cheaters and liars.
Broken arms,
voices hoarse from overuse.

Then a whistle blows,
all step into line.
Smiles, the war is over.
Like a distant memory
long forgotten.

Until tomorrow.

3.An Ode To Distraction
Quietly working
taking care of responsibility.
What's that?
A curious noise
like a plead for attention,
concentration is abandoned.
An enticing smell
tickling the nose
pulling it away from the hard work
that must be done.
What was that?
On the edge of vision
a quick flit in the corner of the eye.
Now we must investigate,
it is better that curiosity takes over.

Working to undo what we have done
this invisible friend calls out to us.
Bringing relief and annoyance
a break from the mundane
the boredom.

Like a wild animal, it can't be guessed
We don't know when it comes
or where i will take us
or when it will set us free.

Found Poem: Math Class
Why is nobody dancing?
We all hate Nickleback

You have bad taste
You have an ignant point

I hate pants
Falafel salesmen scare me

Do your work
Stop talking Shamarlin

Yes sir

5.I Was Raised By
I was raised by the outdoors
"Come play with us"
by the neighborhood
by games with friends

I am taught by many cultures
"Puedo hablar en espaƱol"
by many languages
by young idealists
by the old experienced

I was encouraged by a bit of help
"Expand on that"
by the challenge to do better
by lucky breaks

I am driven by curiosity
"How does it work"
by the satisfaction of understanding
by the knowledge that I have time to do better

6. Riff Poem with a line taken from Amiri Baraka
I can pray all day
and god won't come.
But I can call 911
and the devil
will be here
in a minute.
I can use my hands
and do the rough work
and sweat
then smile
when I get things done.

7. Imagery: Unicycle

A metal fork
a red rimmed wheel
a soft seat
and two large pedals.
How can something so simple
require so much work.
How do I master it?
When will I master it?

I can only know this
with time

8. Amiri Baraka