1) "Poetry is emotion put into measure. The emotion must come by nature, but the measure can be acquired by art."

2) She Smiled At Me! (Repetition and Capitalization)

watching my Mom throw up every day
getting bigger and bigger like a balloon
my parents sent me away, for the spring
i could stay with my cousins, I was only four.

went to the zoo, disney land, sea world
it was april 2000 sometime after the 12th,
time for me to go back home,
Dad picks me up at the airport.

i walked through the door and into the little tiny house,
small bathroom small kitchen small living room
and a small pink blanket, on this small blanket was
a small little human squirming around.

“Morgan, this is you sister Kaia” said my mother
“would you like to hold her” as the babe was placed in my hands
i was so happy to see my baby sister,
i can only remember one more thing… she smiled at me.

3) Ode To The Father That Used To Be

I just want to let you know
I love you
though I might not say it often
I really do mean it

Things have been said,
awful things,
things that may have shattered
our relationship
like all the bottles and vases
that you broke
out of anger
out of darkness

Things have not been said
Things that could
what is left
of this relationship
like the band aid you used to give me
for my cuts and scrapes
even though it didn't make
the pain go away
the love from you did.

These things
must be
I love you
until the sea
dries up like water on
a sidewalk on a hot
summer day.

No matter
what goes down
what went down
I will always want
you around.

I just want to
let you know...

4) A Typical Day in English Class

Shake it up! Shake it up!
Can I do it later...
You can figure it out, you have lots of resources here
OK I'll just do it now
Let me look up where the freakin' Liberty Bell is
Jeff your so annoying...
Hey Mr. Block what's the address for the school
Life is a barren field frozen like snow
Why is April smiling like that, YOUR SCARING ME!
Why were you smiling like that?
Life is a broken- winged bird that cannot fly
You have bad luck thus year...
I really do
Two separate dreams that connect
Whats in a chicken wrap?

5) I Was Raised By

I was raised by loving parents
I was nurtured by a loving mother
a "Baby come and snuggle with me" type of mother
I was raised by two different people

I was raised by loving parents
I was disciplined by a loving father
a " I need you to think and stop acting like a fool" type of father
I was raised by two different people

I was raised by loving parents
I was raised by two young college students
with different views
I was raised by two different people

I was raised by loving parents
I was loved by a family
a "Aww she looks just like you Katie" and a
"OOOOO Sweetheart you got one gorgeous baby here, I could just eat her up."
I was raised by different people

I was raised by loving parents
I was taught by two smart parents
by "If you don't know the word don't say it until you know what it means." type of parents
I was raised by different people

I was raised by loving parents
I was raised by two different mind sets
I was raised by two different people

I was raised by loving parents
I was raised by a white mother
I was raised by a black father
I was raised by different people

I was raised by loving parents
I was fed different foods
by the finger liking greasy foods and by
the dab your mouth with a paper towel food.
I am raised by different people

6) If There Is A God (with lines from...)

By: Morgan Taylor

If there is a God,
who thinks we are God,
will we hear their prayers
do we hear their prayers
do we? do we? do we?

Is it the same way for my god?
For my families God?
What about for my friends God?
Will they hear the cries for help,
every night from these people,
do they? do they? do they?

Are we wasting our time for this
believing in something we don't even know is true.
Why do we judge others on religion?
What are we doing better than they are?
We are all the same...
We are! We are! We are!

7) Trash

you ruin ourPhoto_on_2012-04-16_at_13.59.jpg


with dirt and

you take over

of all our

8) Naomi Shihab Nye

My poet is Naomi Shihab Nye, she writes a lot about her family. From the 5 poems of hers that I studied, I noticed a couple of trends. One thing that I noticed is although she was raised in Texas, she talks about a lot of the struggles of being Palestinian. Being as her family is from there, she writes about how they had to adjust and adapt to the different setting. For example her poem “Words Underneath Words” is about her grandmother and how she knows about labor and working hard. As well as some important details of everyday life in America, such as know when the mail comes and when to take out the trash. How she knew when the mail came that there was not always a letter from the family members living in Palestine.

”My grandmother's days are made of bread,
a round pat-pat and the slow baking.
She waits by the oven watching a strange car
circle the streets. Maybe it holds her son,
lost to America. More often, tourists,
who kneel and weep at mysterious shrines.
She knows how often mail arrives,
how rarely there is a letter.
When one comes, she announces it, a miracle,
listening to it read again and again
in the dim evening light.”

Why they would not talk often because their voices were too short to stretch across the world.

“She knows the spaces we travel through,
the messages we cannot send—our voices are short
and would get lost on the journey.”

When a family member did come over to America and they did not know where to go or what to do because they did not know the laws or areas. Another one of her poems “Two countries” talks a lot about skin and the differences between again Palestine and America. How people have to persevere beyond the stereotypes and judgments. These are all the struggles of people with different backgrounds and cultures. A bunch of her poems focus on the memory of her past and the appreciation of her background. Tradition, family and memory seem important to her in her poems.

Naomi likes to use imagery and metaphors in her writing as well as similes. She loves to paint a picture, to make sure that her readers feel like they are experiencing what the character is experiencing. All of the poems she writes are relate-able in some way. I notice that her focus is mostly family and love.