1. "Poetry is the silence voice that is heard everywhere inside of us..." -Unknown

2. Fuzzy Memories
These fuzzy memories
I was so young
It was such a fun time
Wish I could recall
such incovinents
I'm sure if it was a dream
But I can remember the water pulling me in
It was such a pleasant feeling
Even though I knew the doom that awaited me
After that I don't know what was dream
Or what was real
Reality slowly slipping a way
like sand in my hand
It made me think
was it the end
maybe I should have done more

With a sea of thoughts devouring me
I woke up

3. Ode to Sound

these wonderful tools
these pieces of art
my personal Guards
my Peace keepers
part of my Me
part of my Identity
the things that block out all the bad sounds
But also the good ones

Without them, I'm naked
Without them, I'm lost
Without them, Who am I?
Who am I?
You can not tell Me
Not when I can't tell myself
Not Without Them
My identity

4. Found Love, Lost Love

I do and don't love you
The guilted and invaded notion
of someone I once knew
Not a single lesson was leaned
I've done the best I can
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance
Tell me it's over
I'll still love you same
can you hear me?
I almost fell. Recovery

5. I Was Raised by Death

I was raised by death
Such a cruel guardian
Putting ends to the innocent
Putting an end to those who dared to say
"I have a dream"

Those brave enough to tell us we could fight back
Who told us
"Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights."
Those who simply wanted freedom
"Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary."
Is what they said

I was raised by those who had a voice
Who could "talk the talk and walk the walk"
Those who where strong enough to get beaten down to stand up again and say
"I Took my bruises, took my lumps"
Those not afraid to take a stand
I was raised by death
And I will choose wether I go with them peacefully or not

6. Uncertain Prayer

Pray that what we're running for
Is what we really want
Pray that what we are running to
is not an illusion
Pray that what you are running to
Wants to be caught
Pray that what you are running to
was ever there to begin with

Pray that who we're running for
is who we really want
Pray that they are
real from the beginning
Pray that who you are running for
Has no obstacles to stop you
Pray that who toy are running for
is not gone by the time you get there


It was such a beautiful time
Such a naive and misguided child I was
I had the notion that the world made sense
Little did I know Everything was already jumbled
I could smell the waves of the ocean
Taste roar of the winds
Feel the the coldness of others
Hear the winds changing of the winds
As all my other senses faded
I could see it
The one Thought was
most important to me

The Poet I am doing is Pablo Neruda.