When making these poems I wanted to connect things to a bigger ideas. I wanted to show that things could be connected and shown through creative writing devices using personification and metaphors. Showing that my how people hide their secrets in my poem "Ode to the Mirror," the quote "hidden / secrets / hidden beneath the dirt / heat creating / a fog of mystery." Almost if I had made fog apear on the mirror with imagery, I evolved the reader to think past the fog and see that we hide our secrets.

In my poems I also like to use repetition. I like to keep the flow of the "Grand-mom Raised Me" poem, I used the the ending -ing on every verb to express my grandmothers actions. Like in this line, "wisdom speaking / table etiquette teaching / tea drinking / mink coat wearing" in all the actions have the same ending to give the poem some flow too make the reader more interested. Repetition also is helping the reader because he or she can know whats coming next in the poem, and they get used to the way its read.

In my poems I like to use lines that were quotes from other people. For example in my “Riff poem” I use “Suppose there is a god that thinks we are god” this was a way of starting my poems off with someones idea and too see what i could get out of it. If you you read my poetry, you will find out that I have and excellent imagination as well as creativity with words. I try to show this in all poems.

1 "A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom." -Robert Frost

"Memory Poem" rough draft
personification and metaphor

Memory Poem

I couldn't tuck them any more,
the strings waved to the dust behind my feet

jolting my legs
the medal seat scooped me higher.

still the strings dangled

As touch of a hand could spring kids running
the chase was on
strings had a danced it's way back to me

fathers voice could be heard over the other screams of the playground
"Tie your shoe!"


Ode to the Mirror
Reflections shown
an image
that can't be captured
only viewed
the painter is you
the portriat
the eyes
the smile
the emotion
all connect

Distorted vision
hidden beneath the dirt
heat creating
a fog of mystery
we wipe away
the haziness

We find
dear to you
you haven't
clearly viewed
the structure of the cheek
the roundness of the nose
the browness of the eye
and yes
they do
blink back

Found poetry
all tickets all passes
excuse me
that will be $2.82
someone should help me with this math Homework
can't i have a POP-tart
no he's on his way home
There nothing to watch on Tv
this wi-fi's messing up
can you fold these towels

Grand mom Raised Me
I was taken by her love
the breakfast cooking
cigarette smoking
mary jane shoe's wearing
"6 ABC" news watching
"Give nana a kiss"
kinda love.

I was educated by her love
wisdom speaking
table etiquette teaching
tea drinking
mink coat wearing
"cover your mouth while your yawning"
kinda love.

I was raise by her love
the blue robe wearing
slipper walking,
Newspaper reading
Flwoer gardening
"There are no weed in Nana's garden"
kinda love.

Riff Poem (Kurtis Lamkin quote)
"Suppose there is a god that thinks we are god"
could he see the true beauty of what he created
a god that helps us through
A god who laughs with you not at you
and notice the journey of life we walk everydayone who could see himself in our shoes
A god who will eat a meal with you and listen to your day
who could challenge you to become a better person
Suppose he or she respected your choices
followed your plans
there was
a god

The grungy stench arises upon approach
the black bag hold in what people dont want to see
memory of what we used to have
the wrinkled texture of the bag shows the times
have abused it
for every crease
we have and equal debt to this earth
we must pick up
our laundry is soiling our earth
if the arrows cycle
we don't waist

my poet is...
Jimmy Santiago Baca