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While looking at my wikispace page there are some things in which I stayed to my comfort zone in but then also other things that I tried to go out of it with and do something new. When you read my ode I played around with grammar, and capitalizing letters. In the first stanza everything stands out the best I think because I also played around with the structure and made it so that “You…” was just one line. I tried to also use different vocabulary that I wouldn’t normally use like when I used the words “Enchanted” “fit every one’s wish.” Those were things that were added after wards when I noticed that the words I had before were actually quite boring.

Some things I have not been able to stray away from my comfort zone. In my I was raised by poem I didn’t because I thought that since that was about me and how my life has been than I should keep it to my writing style that I a comfortable with. I didn’t really use any unique writing structures or different vocabulary because that’s not what I’m comfortable. I wanted one and only one piece of writing that I didn’t do anything I was uncomfortable with and that was that piece because everything about that seems true and honest and I didn’t want to change the done by doing anything else to it.

Overall, there are all my poems and I hope that you enjoy reading them.

1)"Words written in verse may speak volumes when those spoken do not." - Caressia Combs

2) Memory Poem


I am 10 and in for a surprise.
My parents pick me up from school one day
And I sit in a car and wait,
I see what I never expected.
Parking lots, hungry for cars,
Airplanes shooting for the stars
We board the plane, prepare for liftoff.
I see miles and miles of ant shaped things.
We get off the plane,
Let the sun eat me whole.
The palm trees were skyscrapers,
I was a little girl in the mix of it all.

3) Ode

Ode to Someone

you twist and you turn everything you say,
to enchant everyone you meet.
shift yourself to fit people's wish,
and act like they control you,
but do they?

Why is it that,
you thrown away
every good thing you have been given?
You take and take and take,
but you never give back.
You don't accept yourself.
Or anybody else,
for that matter.
lies, lies, lies,
Thats all that you say.

Spend everything,
or the "coolest" trends.
The logo across your chest
and what fits your butt best,
that's how you fit in?
Act rude.
Why does being decent matter?

4) Found Poem

Leave Me Alone

I'll punch you in the face
Leave me alone
Oh My God
Leave me alone
Can I have your shirt?
That's a little weird
Leave me alone

5) I was raised by poem

I was Guided by

I was guided by...
blue shirts and black pants
Walking through the front door
"Did you have a good day?"
"Yes Daddy I did."

I was guided by...
the loving voice of my mother
Saying the 4 words that comforted me the best
"Everything will be okay"
And knowing that because she says so
Everything will be okay

I was guided by...
friendships with a girl
"You're my best friend"
She would tell me
We would always hang out and have fun together

I was guided by...
The people in my life
Who have shown that they care
The people who want to stay
In my life.

6) Riff Poem With a line by Rumi

Music of a Generation

We've fallen into the place where everything is music.
The beats bleed out of our headphones
The words are taken,
And changed.
So that they can better relate to our lives.

The singers are famous
Millions and billions of dollars
Just adding together in a bank account.
Because everyone is going out,
Throwing their money into those funds.

Now everyone can do something,
There's singers,
And players.
There's managers
And consumers.

Then comes the types of music
Boom Boom Boom,
There goes a bass.
And the singers.
And no body wonders why this is all so important...

7) Imagist Poem

The Roller Coaster

The pounding of the heart
As the metal cart starts to move
It pushes you forward, as fast as a rocket
And you grip onto the handles the entire time
Eventually it will jerk to a stop
And you will go "I made it"

8) Emily Dickenson

Detailed Analysis

In Emily Dickenson’s poetry there is a lot of things that you can realize right off the surface. The main thing most people realize is there are no titles. Instead she took the first few words of her poetry and made that into the title. Also something most people do realize is that she writes a lot about death. Almost every one of her poems is written something about death and even some have death in the title.

What most people do not notice is that there is a lot of subtitle things about change, the change in a person’s mind, changing in relationships, changing other’s and changing in life. The best example of change in mind is in the poem i years had been from home. In this poem she is visiting the house where she used to live in but then contemplating if it really is a good idea to visit. In the end she doesn’t even understand why she went and fled the house.

There were 2 poems that I believe are almost tied in the theme changing in relationships. Those two poems are the heart asks pleasure and we outgrow love. In the first, the heart asks pleasure, it talks about how a person just wants somebody to love them but the feelings that come from that love working out. In that the line that stands out to me the most is “And then, those little anodynes That deaden suffering.” That points out change the most because the result from the heartbreak is drugs that take away the pain. Also the other poem we outgrow love it talks about how when they feel like love is gone it’s pretty much forgotten about.

There was one poem that really made a point to me about how trying to help change somebody else’s life is a big deal. That poem would be if i can stop one heart. Pretty much that poem is about how if the narrator could help change someone’s life than they will feel like they have succeeded something great in their lifetime.

Finally a change of life is presented in the poem i died for beauty. In that poem it is two men talking about why they died. The one died for beauty and the other died for truth. In the end it changed their lives because they both died for nothing. They thought if they stayed true to one thing, it would work out but in the end they both died.

Overall she has a lot of emotions in everything that she writes about. She knows what sadness and being hurt feels like and she writes about it in a way that others can relate to those feelings. Her examination on those feelings by explain why it feels like to be without a hope and what depression leads to (death.) Her poems each have their own meaning behind them that it takes a lot of attention and details to pick out what she is trying to say.

9) Art work from a poem

i died for beauty

I died for beauty, but was scarce
Adjusted in the tomb,
When one who died for truth was lain
In an adjoining room.

He questioned softly why I failed?
"For beauty," I replied.
"And I for truth - the two are one;
We brethren are," he said.

And so, as kinsmen met a-night,
We talked between the rooms,
Until the moss had reached our lips,
And covered up our names.

-Emily Dickenson


10) Reading of my Ode

Ode to Someone

Listen to the audio posted below to heard Ode to Someone read out loud.