Copper Poetry Portfolios!!

Monday is our Poetry Celebration. Everyone should be ready to do a reading (memorized) of at least one of their poems.

Your wiki should be in its final format (feedback and drafts removed...)

On your wiki:


A written analysis of your own poetry (minimum 250 words long). May focus on key features/themes or new poetic techniques that you used. Should include analysis of specific parts of poems (explain choices, structure, word choice, or figurative language, etc)

1) Quote about poetry (w/ name of source)

2) Memory poem with at least two new poetic strategies.

3) An ode. (Ode = poem about an everyday object that uses unexpected imagery and metaphor. See samples here and here.)

4) A found poem that has a title. (You have the option of using a repeated line.) Poem must be at least 10 lines long.

5) An "I Was Raised by..." poem (use a repeated line, active verbs, the 5 senses, and quotes)

6) A riff poem where you steal a line from another poet and incorporate it into a poem of your own. Be sure to use some new poetic techniques in this poem-- make it different from the other poems on your page. Link to video from class.

7) An imagist poem (just description, possibility metaphor, no story)

8) Detailed study = Detailed analysis of both form and content of poet of your choosing. Should examine the poet's work by providing insight into both individual lines and the poet's work overall. Must make an argument about what is unique about the poet but not obvious to all readers. Must include excerpts from several different poems. At least 500 words long.

9) A piece of artwork that you have created to accompany a poem. (You can put this anywhere on your wiki)

10) An audio or video recording of you reading one of your poems. (This can also be anywhere on your wiki.)

11) Final step = Pimp your wiki! (Make it look nice with revised, polished work, clear labels, divisions between different parts...)**