First, before i go into details for my written analysis, that i enjoyed this lesson. All right now. I used a good list of different strategies to write my poems. My favorite was Caps. You can see here in Father in Time where I used the caps. at the end. “But it ALL fades alway after time.” I felt as though when you put something in all caps. you are like yelling at the reader or explain something much stronger in your poems. Mostly because if you use it correctly the reader well read it and most of the poems will not have caps. then this one word just pops out all caped and has to have a larger meaning. Also I used allot of repeated line in my poem one of them I use them the most for was my found poem. I used “check my SWAG” I probably said that 6 times to get my point across. It helps out allot and really big ways. like saying something like “Check my SWAG” just show that I was worrying about my looks and how I present my self to the world. But with all of this, I have learn that there are many different ways to express you writing in poems. You have different things like caps, repeated lines, found lines to make a poem, and even more. You asked me what is art and how is poetry art. poetry is art because there is many ways to craft and shape your written to make it beautiful.

"A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom"- Robert Frost

Father of time
laughter of Me and Father as music is playing and a camera recording.
riding on the front of the bike just my Father steers.
sitting at a Park on the parkway as He pull out the Snake from his bag.
looking a him as Daddy say go find me a girl as a joke but I go find one.

The bond of a father and son
nothing can ever interfere
a role model
a great father that got the son he always wanted

a memory
a moment
but it ALL fades alway after time...

Ode to phone

My cell phone
It's here but only used for important reasons.
ringer as kid cudi
"is there any love"
if you feel the vibration then you must be in class.
the silence is only on during school
you have all these app. but get bored easily
think you can do everything but it can't really do anything.
connect is the only use of this small little object.
but you grow to love it. because you love the people inside it.
it can tell you bad news and good news at the same time.
like a night and day.
full of all this information but can't tell you anything really.
you love this little thing and feel like you can't do anything with out it.
this is only because it makes you feel like you a captain and you have to talk to everyone.
and at the same time you have connections to everyone. at the same time

OFWG Found

got all the black Girls jealous because my mean Chick vanilla!
check my SWAG
pink Chinchilla something like THRILLER
check my SWAG
To be BETTER THEN EVERYONE because i hate everyone
check my SWAG
that's why you look like my MOM
check my SWAG
check my SWAG
looking all good in that SHIRT
check my SWAG
you let my BALL go you dont let go of my balls!
check my SWAG
"I was raised by..."

i was placed here by
a man we all call god
and in him we trust
for this we all have faith in a man that we don't have any evidence about.

i was created by
a man and woman of bad life styles.
where my mother as a child had to come home to her dad and brother fighting.
where a father came home to a mother drunk 24/7
so now all they want to make sure is that there kids don't have to ever see that.

time go past and
everyone has a story
my mother and father storys are sad
but they just made it soo that they would expect more from me.

The main screen on my playstation 3
a black and white background of a character on a game skyrim.
categories if you like music, movies, game, and internet.

My Poet is
Naomi Shihab Nye

My poet is Naomi Shihab Nye. She has been writing for many of year and she is still alive to day. Within her writing she draw back to allot of her old history. Naomi Shihab Nye have a liking for relating her Arab culture to her poetry. I believe that Naomi Shihab Nye felt as if she had to do that to become as one with her self and who she is inside. finding her identity and that is one of the biggest question: Who am I?. This is shown in the poem Red Brocade, where she said “The Arabs used to say, when a stranger appears to your door” right there is showing how to goes back to her old culture even in Arabic Coffee just by the titles you can see. In Spite of this she also explores her reality quiet allot. You can see this in Her Way, where she is just cleaning but makes it something more. “ on television, yet her bucket were full, the great buckets of field and orchard, she was dragging them room to room in a house that already looked clean.” right here she made it seem as if cleaning the house was more then just cleaning it was an adventurer or as People would say she was exploring around with the cleaning. Also in Spark she mentions how the road seem around her. “ To live without roads seemed one way not to get lost , to make maps of stones and grass, to rub stars together find a spark.”Naomi Shihab Nye explains it her self as and adventurer of some kind. i felt as if she was exploring her reality because of the fact that her culture is different then america and that it seems to be so distant form her. Next, is the way she uses metaphors in her poems. Naomi Shihab Nye makes things very lively. In most of the writing i read from Naomi Shihab Nye she used allot of metaphor. in Arabic Coffee she said “ The coffee was the center of the flower.” this was a a really good metaphor because of the fact that coffee comes from a plant or you would say a coffee tree. and the whole story was about coffee. soo it was saying that coffee was the center of everything. because if you think about it, if your a coffee person you wake up and instantly go for coffee first this aside form brushing your teeth or washing up. overall through out all my reading and looking over this poet I have learn many things, some important things are that she uses metaphor , and exploring her reality to find her self. Her mean theme is that she is find out who is she is !!!